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The Church was Founded in 1895

We are a Southern Baptist Church that is dedicated to increasing our knowledge of Jesus Christ and showing others that we are his disciples by our love for one another.

Mission:It's our goal to help our community be a better place to live and provide a Church where you can be spiritually feed and be a part of family.

History of Grove Ridge Baptist Church

 Pleasant Point Baptist Church in Lincoln County and their pastor, Bro. M.A. Middleton, began  Meeting with the people from this community in 1893 at the Grove Ridge School. On August  9, 1896, the church was established as a full-fledge congregation. Bro. Middleton served as  the first pastor,shepherding the church for five years. We have ordained several minister and  deacons over the years.

We’ve continued to spread the gospel and serve our community from our perch on the hill for  the past 116 years.

Building History

 In 1900 Edward Ritchie deeded the church land on what was known as Burdick Hill. The  members decided to build a 32’ X 48’ church building, which would cost $600.00.

 In 1901 the building was completed and dedicated.

 In 1959, the building was remolded. However, before we moved back into the structure, it  burned to the ground. The rebuilt church was dedicated 1960.

 The basement and Sunday school rooms were added in 1974, along with new heating and cooling systems.

“It seemed good unto us, being assembled with one accord...” Acts 15:25(a) KJV

Grove Ridge Baptist Church is on a Mission to bring God to our community, our county and unto the world. Come and join us here at Grove Ridge and be a part of that Mission.

Our Services


All non-Christians will befit by being able to work with Christian people on projects and be a blessing to those in need. Non-Christians do not hold offices

Baptismal Services

Margy Harris Sept. 29th 2013

Katina Dick : June 17th. 2012

Macy’s Childers June 3rd. 2012

Daisy Dick: May 28th. 2012

Zach Carman  March 16th. 2012

Alley Sluder: March 5th. 2012

Cody Allen : March  5th. 2012

Youth Events

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