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An open letter to our Veterans who are currently serving or retired

From: Bro. Tim Harris Pastor at Grove Ridge Baptist Church.

On behalf of the entire Congregation of Grove Ridge Baptist Church, I would like to extend to you a word of appreciation for your service to your country.

Our Country is a safer place because of your sacrifice, and so many others like you who have volunteered to serve in our Armed Forces for the purpose of protecting this land and the Freedom we now enjoy.

It is with deep appreciation I take this opportunity to thank you on this day that our Nation has dedicated to honoring our Veterans.

When our Country called, you answered. While time goes by and many people seem to go on with life with little or no regard for the sacrifices of our Veterans, I want to assure you that we here at Grove Ridge Baptist Church hold you in the highest esteem. As the Pastor of Grove Ridge Baptist, I wanted to express to you that your hard work is appreciated.

Pastor: Bro. Tim Harris ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

An open letter to the families and friends of loved ones that are serving.  

From: Bro. Tim Harris Pastor at Grove Ridge Baptist Church.

I wanted to take a moment to let you the families of loved ones who are serving know that you are in our thoughts and prayers here at Grove Ridge Baptist Church.

While your loved ones are serving our country, we realize that you are also sacrificing in ways that many of us simply do not understand. While the efforts of your loved ones are appreciated and highly valued, you continue to move forward with great resolve and determination that is very inspirational to so many people.

As the Pastor here at Grove Ridge Baptist I just wanted to take a few moments to reach out and thank you and your family during your loved ones service in our armed forces. We feel that it is important to extend our prayers and support to you and the families as we are brought together in our concern for these brave young men and women. Grove Ridge Baptist Church applauds your strength.

The Bible encourages us to find comfort in our brothers and sisters in Christ and we want you to know that we are here for you. We can only imagine how difficult this can be, especially during the holidays.

Pastor: Bro. Tim Harris